Your Relationship Ended — Your Attachment Didn’t

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This video is one aspect of creating happy, healthy, harmonious relationships—clearing the past and releasing emotional baggage.

If you are ready to release yourself from being pulled into other people’s agendas and to start consistently doing what is best for YOU
If you want to communicate in a way that you are truly Heard by your spouse and your loved ones…
If you want to consistently
have your feelings and opinions validated…
If you would like to have the support you want the way YOU want it…
If you would like to have more energy, better sleep and be healthier

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As a Women’s Empowerment Coach I am fully present with you, able to hear and see your situation with a unique ‘sixth sense’ that allows us to get to the root of your dilemma quickly, and can clearly see the next steps(s) for the solution.

Never lose yourself or ‘disappear’ into a relationship again!

Remember Whatever You are Not Changing You Are CHOOSING!

Here is what a recent client had to say:

Paula W recent

“I had tried other counselors and healers but with Maryann it was different.  She got to the root of the challenge, and fast!  She was able to see what was really going on with me.  As we worked together we went beyond the level of thinking or use of the mind to try to figure things out.  She got to the heart of the matter quickly and was able to show me how  to tune into myself and my body for the truth of who I am and what I want.

In my situation, I hired her just prior to my husband being diagnosed with ALS.  I am so grateful that she was there to guide me through his health decline, passing and rebuilding of my life.

I don’t know what I would have done without her steadying force and the safe place to let all my feelings out, without judgment from her or myself!  I learned how to truly love myself and relate to my two daughters in a deeper way.

I highly recommend her for any relationship challenges you may be having.  Her gift of insight, clarity, and loving presence create an environment that allows you to heal those parts of you that you may have denied or stuffed away and it doesn’t have to take years in therapy!” Paula W., retired elementary school teacher


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Additional Client Experiences:

Amy B familiy photo

“What happened in working with Maryann is nothing short of miraculous.  When I came to her I felt like a ‘chicken with my head cut off’.  As a busy mom of 4, wife, part-time sports coach, church volunteer and independent business representative I was so stressed out I was having trouble sleeping.  My health was in jeopardy.  I was experiencing high blood pressure, anxiety and depression and gaining weight that I couldn’t seem to take off.

Whenever a situation bothered me I would simply keep quiet rather than risk getting upset and yelling or, worse yet, upsetting someone else.

In working with Maryann, I have been able to come back to balance and peace within myself, am losing weight effortlessly, my blood pressure is normal, and I consistently respond to life situations from a calm, centered place within.  And, most wonderfully of all, I AM HEARD and understood by my husband!  What an amazing feeling to be truly heard and understood!

Now my household runs much more smoothly, my husband and kids all joyously pitch in and help around the house, I have time just for me that is encouraged by my family, my relationship with my husband and kids is more harmonious and loving, and, I am stepping up and owning my leadership in my business and it is thriving!”  Amy Kies Bautista


Elizabeth pic“Maryann’s gift at bringing clarity to relational dynamics, is astounding!! In one session, she listened to my situation, and offered a point of view that I would NEVER have found on my own. Based on her insights, and how deeply they resonated with me, I shifted my own response to what was happening, and have literally saved myself from weeks of drama, conflict, and grief.

I am deeply indebted to her, and so appreciate her clarity, support, and insight.  I can’t recommend her strongly enough!!”  Elizabeth Love, CLC, ACC, Owner, Rising Insight Life Coaching


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“I can’t thank Maryann enough for the gift she has given me! Now, I am a different person, with stronger personal energy flowing in everything I do. I am released and free!

It was clear to me that there was a past experience that needed to be cleansed. She guided me through a technique to remove the lingering limiting energy.

Once that was cleansed I felt my energy flowing like a rapid river throughout my whole body! As I felt my personal energy flowing stronger, there was a lot less weighing me down.

I felt like nothing could hold me back! Now my life is moving forward in surprising and amazing ways” Celestial B. IA   Reiki Practitioner


Peace and Blessings,

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